expositions and Artists

The gallery is open during the winter season by appointment only.

expositions are selected to coincide with and participate in the major events and festivals of the Arles annual calender

THE RENCONTRES d’ARLES summer photography festival

Founded in 1970, the immensely influential Rencontres d’Arles photography festival continues to disseminate the very best of world photography, through expositions, workshops and conferences, during the summer months of July, August and September. During this festival season Galerie Huit proudly presents or has presented :

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From July 2014
Alexander Lindsay

From July 2014
Francesco Pergolesi
Between the Lines

From July 2014
Elliot Landy
Peace Love Music

From July 2014
Vee Speers

From July 2014
Alisa Resnik
One another

From July 2014
Manuel Rivera-
Ortiz Foundation

Permanent Collection
James Bain Smith

July 2013
Sebastiao Salgado

July 2013
Clark & Pugnaud
Lost in meditation

July 2013
Manuel Rivera-
Ortiz Foundation

July 2013
Si C' était …

July 2013
Pascal Maitre
Incense and Myrrh

July 2012
Photographie Open Salon
An Eye For An Ear

July 2012
J.C. Ballot
Dieu et Dionysos

July 2012
Vanja Karas

July 2011
Vee Speers

July 2011
Galerie Huit Open Salon

July 2011
Jean-Claude Sauer
L'été dangereux

July 2010
Jean-Christophe Ballot
La Sainte-Victoire

July 2009
Simon Annand
The Half

July 2008
Catherine Noury
L'eternelle fiancee

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation

The Foundation

Established in 2010, The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film is a non -profit organization committed to positive social discourse in underrepresented communities throughout the world. We encourage emerging and established photographers to keep their lenses fixed on the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Headquartered in New York, Paris and Zurich, the Foundation is a charitable trust serving the international photographic community through expositions, grants, and other curatorial and editorial projects.

Documentary Photography

This grant was created to encourage the betterment of humanity through the presentation of editorially based images representing humanistic themes including triumph. Purpose of the grant is to support completion of proposed projects, either completely new or in progress.

Documentary Film

Our “Short-Short Documentary Film” grant award was a new category for us in 2013 for a film project between ten and thirty minutes in length (without commercial intermission). This category is for non-fiction film only. The subject of the film must cover topics similar to those covered in our still photography grants.

The exposition

For the second year running we are opening our exposition of documentary photography and documentary “Short-Short” films from around the world. The work covers the lives of people in disenfranchised communities and communities ravaged by war, famine, poverty, religious persecution, political oppression, forced migration, and many of the social issues and injustices impacting populations everywhere. This year our exposition will feature the work of our 2013 Documentary Photography laureate Vivek Singh of Delhi, India; the entry portfolios of our two shortlisted photographers Patrice Terraz of Marseille, France, and Andri Tambunan of Jakarta, Indonesia. Also featured will be work from the museums collected portfolio of our President & Founder Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, as well as a presentation of the top ten films including the film of 2013 Documentary Film laureate Kannan Arunasalam of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

For additional information please visit: www.mrofoundation.org

2014 Grant Winners and Finalists of The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation
for Documentary Photography & Film

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From July 2014
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz
Founder's Exhibit

From July 2014
Andri Tambunan
Against All Odds

From July 2014
Patrice Terraz
Welcome on board

From July 2014
Vivek Singh
In a Forgotten Land

Mixed Media

Although the principal focus of Galerie Huit during the summer season is photography, the gallery also hosts expositions and installations of artists working in other mediums.

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May 2014
José Manrubia
untitled, 2014

September 2013
Cris Dupouy

June 2013
Hiang Kee

June 2013
José Manrubia
La Bête du Vaccarès

January 2013
J.C. Ballot/Guest Artists
Corps Celestes

September 2011
Vivian Van Blerk
Urbi et Orbi

Décember 2010
Chris Dupouy

Décember 2009
Daniel Gastaud

September 2008
Isabelle Rozot
High Life, Still Life

'Regards sur le Corps' (FEPN) – May

This unusual , 10 day festival in May , established in 2001, attracts a loyal and convivial following of professional photographers and collectors , who come to exhibit or visit the shows in prestigious venues in Arles and Les Baux de Provence. Theme and programme permitting, Galerie Huit regularly exhibits internationally acclaimed photographers for inclusion in the Festival:

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May - 2012
Martial Lenoir
La Loge Des Rats

May - 2012
Elliott Landy
Love at Sixty

June 2011
Vee Speers

May 2010
Elliott Landy
Love at Sixty

June 2010
Edouard de Pazzi
Vanités et Muses

FERIA / CORRIDA – Easter & September

The Arles festive calender is marked by the Easter Feria and the Feria du Riz, in September. The entire town opens up ( or closes down, depending on your tastes) for 4 days of alcohol-fuelled festivities and corrida in the Roman Arena. Until further notice, Galerie Huit will no longer be participating in this manifestation of local culture.

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April 2012
José Manrubia
L'Empreinte du Toro

April 2011
Roger de Montebello

Avril 2010
Eric Rolland

F Moireau/J-M Dallet
Provence Sketchbook
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