Galerie Huit Penang, the Malaysian little sister of Galerie Huit Arles, is situated in a traditional shophouse, in the historic centre of George Town, on the island of Penang. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, the multi-cultural city of George Town is now recognised as a Southeast Asian urban treasure.


Galerie Huit Penang showcases both local and international artists in an informal setting or collaborates in creating exhibitions in partner spaces.  Visits are either by appointment (email to or by invitation to special events.

Muntri Street, where the gallery is situated, once the domain of wealthy Chinese spice merchants, has regained another lease of life, with cafes and boutique hotels attracting new energy back to the inner city.


For an insider’s view on Penang, see Penang: Through Gilded Doors (Areca Books, author Julia de Bierre, photography James Bain Smith, 2nd edition).