Author, curator and heritage-conservationist Julia de Bierre was born in Malaysia and was educated at Uplands School on Penang Hill and at Bristol University in the United Kingdom.
For many years she has lived and worked in two UNESCO World Heritage sites ­ the ancient Provençal town of Arles in France and multi-ethnic George Town on the island of Penang, Malaysia. This privilege has made her doubly aware of how important it is to preserve not just our urban and natural environment but also a slower, more reflective way of life.



Whether you visit the art gallery for just a few hours or stay in residence at Galerie Huit Arles please be aware that as far as possible:

• e aim to create a positive impact on the local economy by sourcing products and purchasing locally grown, organic food .

• We provide visitors with information about the local environment and culture, and encourage low-impact enjoyment of the area. We recommend arriving by rail, visiting the town on foot, renting bicycles or riding horses in the Camargue.

• We use recycled materials. Our classic but quirky breakfast china, our antique furniture and vintage textiles look beautiful, are free of harmful glues and dyes, and are not contributing to today’s de-forestation or landfills...

• We use natural, non-toxic materials and paints for restoration and decoration.
• We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

• We discourage the use of plastics. Our tap-water is filtered and suitable for drinking , and we lend bags for shoppers.".


"In the mid-90’s, when I was living and working in a medieval castle in Switzerland, weekends were often spent just over the border in France, visiting vineyards and châteaux in Burgundy and the Jura. If a château had guest rooms available, then that’s where I would stay, immersing myself in a gracious world where time seemed to have stopped still cum circa 1910. I loved the huge bedrooms with antique beds, the faded brocade curtains and the family portraits in their gilded frames. There were no televisions but plenty of good books, shared bathrooms down long corridors and the sense that this was a precious experience that went beyond a comfortable bed for the night and a financial transaction.
I’d like to feel that staying in the guest rooms or apartments at Galerie Huit continues this tradition of authenticity ( although we do provide wifi and ensuite bathrooms ! ). As company policy we maintain our resistance to advertising on huge internet booking sites and we continue to challenge the deadening hand of standardised travel. " Julia de Bierre

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